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New Year 2019 in Ouro Preto

Paris, Berlin, Rome, Ouro Preto are very interesting cities to spend New Year’s 2019. I’ve already spent new year eve in these cities and I have nice memories. The secret is to know how to enjoy every moment knowing what to do and where to go in the cities to interact with the local people. So if you are planning to spend your New Year’s Eve 2019 in Ouro Preto and enjoy what the city has the best I can help you.

You may asking “Where are the most exciting New Year’s parties in Ouro Preto?” The New Year’s Eve party starts in the heart of the city, at Square Praça Tiradentes. Besides the Square there are many more places for you to celebrate this moment in Ouro Preto World Cultural Heritage. In this post I will guide you through the outdoor venues, bars, restaurants and hotels for you to enjoy the New Year’s Eve 2019 in Ouro Preto!

Praça Tiradentes

You’l lmeet the natives at the Tiradentes Square celebrating the New Year. Just an aside: the tradition in Brazil and of course also here is to dress white, even being to dance to the sound of a local band. And you get excited about the New Years fireworks. We hug our friends and toast with a glass of sparkling wine. Come and enjoy all this in front of one of the most visited museums in Brazil: the Museu da Inconfidência!

Another option to enjoy the New Year’s Eve 2019 is the Grande Hotel de Ouro Preto. This is in one of the architectural masterpieces of genius Oscar Niemeyer! Before the project of our capital Brasilia we’ve gotten his work. A good option for you that want a supper full of flavors and aromas to celebrate the turn of the year. A great place to spend the New Year’s Eve 2019 in Ouro Preto!

Restaurant O Passo

A place with a beautiful garden for the New Year’s Eve. Good music, good food, good drink, great caipirinha. I love it! The service is vip and the reviews on Tripadvisor can confirm what I say. In addition, you can also enjoy the night view of Rua São José. One of the most charming streets in the city.

Located on the way from Rua Conde de Bobadela to the oldest Theater in Brazil. With an elegant interior and good taste you will be delighted with the music and special drinks that can offer you a special moment. So check out the bar program and toast your new year in style!

Bar Café Marília de Dirceu

The bar is located in the most romantic part of the city that inspired our literature. A love affair appeared before the Inconfidência Mineira … On the outskirts of Marília de Dirceu! Passionate couples run to this place, it’s beautiful! Here, your New Year’s Eve 2019 in Ouro Preto has everything to be more than special and unforgettable!

Walking Tour with Sueli Tour Guide

Celebrating the New Year’s Eve in Ouro Preto is for people who want to know more about our history. So, what to do in Ouro Preto before or after celebrating the New Year? A great option is to walk with me! I’ll tell you all about the love affair of Marília de Dirceu. I’ll bring you up the ramp of the Ouro Preto Grande Hotel. We will also visit the former prison of Ouro Preto, which today houses the current Museum of Inconfidence! You will not miss culture, art and leisure on your New Year’s Eve 2019 in Ouro Preto!

Come to Ouro Preto to be happy in 2018 and 2019! But do not waste time, choose your theme tour, where you will celebrate New Year’s Eve and book NOW!

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