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4 Cultural Tours of 4 Hours in OURO PRETO

To visit Ouro Preto is to go into the magic of the past and revive great chapters of our History, besides experiencing the great architectural and cultural treasures one can only find here and that are a delight for everyone.  And, when staying here, to count with the right tour guide will certainly help you know and appreciate the best of Ouro Preto. And as your hostess in Ouro Preto, to make your trip unforgettable, I have prepared several thematic cultural tours for you to optimize your trip and enjoy the most of your experience around here!

On this post, I bring to you 4 cultural tours of 4 hours each in Ouro Preto for you to enjoy the most of your trip.  They are walking tours, within an ideal time for you to know the places along the way without rush, enjoying all the details without getting tired of going up and down the hills.

To take walking tours is the best way to know Ouro Preto!  Do you know why? Find the reasons reading the post: Walking Tour in Ouro Preto: the best way to know our heritage.

Now that you are aware of all advantages of a walking tour in Ouro Preto, check the tours I have prepared especially for you!

Basic Ouro Preto

If this is your first time here, the tip is to start by the Basic Ouro Preto tour.  With this tour you find out the treasures of baroque and rococo art and architecture from Minas Gerais that fascinate the world.  The highlights of this tour are the churches, brotherhoods and works by Portuguese artists such as Antônio Francisco Lisboa, the Aleijadinho and Cláudio Manoel da Costa Ataíde.  Taking this tour, besides exploring the baroque, you also learn about the history of the gold cycle in Minas Gerais.

Would you like to learn more about this tour?  Just click here.

Basic Ouro Preto + Inconfidência Mineira*

* Inconfidência Mineira is the so-called movement that articulated the independence of Brazil from Portugal.

In this walking tour we will tread the way of the inconfidentes (people who took part of the movement) in the 17th century Minas Gerais.  In a four-hour walk I will take you to know the Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar, Casa dos Contos, a Casa de Gonzaga and the Inconfidência Museum, symbols of one of the most important chapters of our History: the Inconfidência Mineira.  In our walking tour, besides knowing these historical symbols, you will also know more about the movement of the inconfidência, which fought freedom and for Minas Gerais independent from the Portuguese Crown.

Learn more about this thematic clicking here!

Basic Ouro Preto + Mineralogy

Ouro Preto was the birthplace of the gold that enriched the Portuguese Crown in the 18th century.  Many explorers (bandeirantes) and miners came in search of fortune.  Besides gold, the region is also rich in imperial topaz. Of course, it is impossible to come to Ouro Preto and don’t see all this richness!  So, this tour is prepared for you to learn more about the general history of the Gold Rush. Another nice point of this tour is to know the detailed process of mining technique.  Are you interested and want to know more details about this tour, click here!

Basic Ouro Preto + African Symbology 

This walking tour was prepared to take you to meet the African heritage in mining engineering, arts, architecture and culture of Ouro Preto.  In this tour I introduce you to the African symbology present within the Baroque art and the great characters who mark the presence of the black culture in Minas Gerais.  In this tour you also go deeper in one chapter of our History, that made Portugal richer by exploring the Brazil Colony and the African people who were slaves here. Click here to see more details of the tour! 

What did you think of the walking tours? 

Did you like any of them? Did you like more than one? 

So, take the chance and take one, two, three or as many as you like while you are in Ouro Preto. And besides these tour that I brought today on this post, there are many other options of walking tours on my website.  Check them out and create yours with your favorite attractions and discover Ouro Preto!

And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram! You can find awesome records of Ouro Preto there! Just click here!Cultural

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