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How to hire responsible guides in Brazil?

In a new destination, it is the tour guides that guide the travelers to natural and historical attractions, to get to know the local culture and gastronomy. He can make your travel experience even more special. But how to find a local one responsible Tour Guide with a good reputation in Brazil?

The qualified Tour Guides in Brazil receives a certificate after taking the technical course in Tourist Guide and than they are listed on the Tourist Service Providers (Cadastur) so thet have the profession recognized by the Ministry of Tourism.

Besides all that you want a nice Brasilian company and there are many tour guides websites to find a commentar about then. And I guarantee there is a nice one Tour Guide in Ouro Preto…

Responsible Tourist Guides

CADASTUR is the Registration System of individuals and companies that operate in the tourism sector. Executed by the Ministry of Tourism (MTur), in partnership with the Official Tourism Bodies in the 26 states of Brazil and the Federal District, it allows access to different data on registered tourist service providers.

CADASTUR aims to promote the ordering, formalization and legalization of tourism service providers in Brazil, through the registration of companies and professionals in the sector. Brazil is a land of many cultures, beliefs and peoples. A multicolored, fun nation with many wonderful places to meet, which makes each visit a unique and enriching experience.

So that this universe of wonders does not lose its shine, reliable and quality service is required. With this in mind, the Ministry of Tourism created CADASTUR, an online registration system for tourism service providers. This database, in addition to the numerous benefits for the sector, is an important source of consultation for the Brazilian tourism market.

Tripadvisor Reviews

What to say about this important travel tool? Besides all knowledge and professional preparation to get a Tourist Guide you want a nice Brasilian company. Best recommendations by travelers themselves can be the best way to find the right and nice Tour Guide! AND MORE… Lonely Planet, Gringoes

Sueli Tour Guide in Ouro Preto

Hi! I’m Sueli Rutkowski. I love smiling, dancing and I like passion fruit juice. My other passion is to show you the beauties of Ouro Preto UNESCO World Heritage.

As an experienced Regional (Minas Gerais State) and National (Brazil around) Tour Guide for more than over 13 years I offer private thematic walking tours with focus on Cultural and Nature in my hometown Ouro Preto, Mariana, Belo Horizonte. I speak Portuguese, English and German.

Tours are designed by me to offer you light, great moments walking through the hilly city full of saints, students, art and much more without getting tired and the routes are organized in a cronological itinerary to get you better involved with the evolution of the history. Day by day!

​In case you prefer you can costumize your tour, you would like me to guide you in other cytie or you for any other incoming service recomendation: car requesting for transfer in-out from/to Airport Belo Horizonte/Ouro Preto during your travel in Brazil.

​Do you like the idea to know already who is your local guide? And so plan your trip to Brazil, come to Minas Gerais and choose one, two ou more tours and come with me!

And take a look about my reviews on TRIPADVISOR!

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