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What is the best time to travel in Brazil?

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

The best time to travel in Brazil is one of the most important to know by planning such a trip . Some attractions can be enjoyed at certain times of the year. This does not mean that you can not bet on the same destination in the high and low seasons. You can be surprised and enchanted with totally different landscapes, each season has its charm.

So in this postI you can get some tips about the weather in Brazil and specially in Minas Gerais!

Best time to travel in Brazil

Traveling through Brazil is exploring great natural beauties and lots of culture. All regions of the country offer attractions that can be tanned almost year-round.

If you plan to go to the South of Brazil to catch a beach, the best time is summer or spring. In winter and fall the temperature begins to drop, and it is better to enjoy the mountain charm than to go to the coast.

The North of Brazil is basically divided between rainy and dry season. Each one with its advantages. During the rainy season – from December to May – the rivers become fuller and become a popular attraction.

In the dry season, which usually begins in June, the level of rivers decreases, forming the already famous and beautiful beaches of the northern region.

In the case of the Midwest, during the whole year it is possible to take advantage of the unique landscapes of the state. In summer the climate is warmer with typical late afternoon rains, great for enjoying the rivers and waterfalls. Already in the winter activities like watching and focusing on animals are great choices.

The Northeast is the part of the country where the weather remains more stable. It’s hot almost all year round and you can enjoy a lot of sun and beach.

When to go to Minas Gerais

Minas is a Brazilian state that appeals to all types of travelers. Around here, you will find great tourist attractions that can be enjoyed year-round.

From October to March, it usually rains a bit, temperatures by 30 during this time. So you that you can take advantage of the most romantic and gastronomic itineraries in Minas…

Already between April and September, the dry season is perfekt for the andscape contrasting the red soil of iron and the blue sky with no clouds! The suggestion is by temperature byaverage of 25º you can venture through the trails and adventure activities in the state.

By following these tips on the best time to travel to Brazil, planning your next trip will get even easier. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy your destination the way you imagined it.

If these tips were helpful to you, be sure to share on social networks and help your friends to plan their next trip!

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