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Why you need a private bilingual tour guide on your trip to Ouro Preto?

Brazil that is an incredible country, full of diversity, beauty and culture. But to make the most of your trip, you need someone who can show you the best places, the best tips and the best secrets.

Someone who can speak your language and the language of Brazil. Someone like me, a bilingual tour guide.

What I can do for you?

As a bilingual private tour guide in my hometown Ouro Prero that is one of the most important colonial city, I can offer you much more than a simple translation service.

I can help you through the Gold Rush experiences here in Ouro Preto I introduce you the general history, art, music and literature of Brazil, with detailed explanations and interesting curiosities.

So you can getting into our vibes completely!

Visit the most famous sights and also the most hidden in Ouro Preto, with a thematic walling tour, personalized and flexible itineraries. Interact with Brazilians, learn about their customs, their slang and their accents, with etiquette and communication tips.

Why I am the best bilingual tour guide for you?

I am a private bilingual tour guide with over 17 years of experience, graduated in Tourism Guide Technician. I speak English and German in addition to native Portuguese.

I am passionate about Brazil and my work, and I get some reviews from my clients. Visit the link and find out what he says about me on TripAdvisor Reviews.

But let me tell you that I love making new friends, dancing, reading and as a guide, I'm super flexible and adaptable to your rhythm and interest!

If you are planning a trip to Brazil to my hometown Ouro Preto and want to have an incredible experience, do not waste time and contact me. I'll be happy to help you put together your itinerary, share tips on accommodation and also partners that offer transfer services and or much more you need.

So contact me! I'm waiting for you or BOOK A THEMATIC WALKING TOUR RIGHT NOW!

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