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Top 3 Experiences in Ouro Preto

Updated: Mar 19

To really get to know Brazil, you need to visit Minas Gerais. Here you will see a little of the country's history during the Gold Rush, in the 18th century. And a private tour is richer when the guide knows the State and its stories in depth. 

As a local guide in Ouro Preto, and working with tourism for over 17 years, I am part of this universe of discoveries and rediscoveries that History brings us every day. I love passion fruit juice, literature and travel. I also like to talk a lot! It's at these times that I tell you everything you want to know, in a relaxed way in English, German or Portuguese. 

My purpose, when guiding tourists, is to show the beauty of the natural landscape and also of what has been built over the years, to see popular culture, to show how much an old city remains so active and, also, to provoke reflections about Brazil. 

More than photos, souvenirs and crafts, visitors need to take away a little of the place they visit…a nice experience. And don't worry, we'll go up and down the hills at your own pace! 

Top 1 

Enjoy the Basic Ouro Preto Tour +1

This walking tour takes you to visit the most relevant attractions (basic) such as: An old gold mine where we enter the rock to learn about the geological formation, diversity of minerals, and reflect on our need to occupy and make use of all this underground heritage.

Along with your Tour Guide, me of course, you experience the general history of the Gold Rush in the 18 century to think about what it was like for our Indigenous, Portuguese and African ancestors, responsible for the formation of our wonderful cultural diversity.

So careful as I am, let’s think about history for a more decolonial view… Also thinking about being colonized. A contemplative walking tour through a basic itinerary and a new one +1 theme as a complement, that is, you can choose +1 attraction.

The basic itinerary is visiting an old goldmine, the Our Lady Nossa Senhora do Pilar church, and the oldest theater in Brazil still in operation. Book it here.

Top 2

Tasting the Minas Gerais food 

The famous Feijão Tropeiro is a dish created by the men who transported goods from the literal farms, along the Estrada Real, and is still widely served today in local restaurants, from the simplest to the most refined cuisines. 

Another local dish is Frango com quiabo (Chicken with okra). In Ouro Preto, the restaurants that offer these and other typical food of Minas Gerais are: Restaurante Contos de Réis, close to Praça Tiradentes or Chafariz Restaurant, located on Rua São José, close to the Basílica do Pilar. 

As a good Brazilian, whet your appetite, try a good cachaça (sugar cane alcohol) and indulge yourself in the pleasure of eating very well. 

Top 3 

Ouro Preto has many viewpoints to enjoy the sunset. The sunset list you can get on my Instagram by TOP Highlights! Like Even better is to contemplate this moment drinking a coffee caipirinha. The drink is unmissable because it combines the traditional caipirinha with lemon and coffee in the same glass. You can get it in the Rena Café. 

So, come to visit Minas Gerais and why not to enjoy it all together with a local tour guide? With me?


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