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Religious Events in Ouro Preto

The Catholic Church in Ouro Preto remains alive over time leaving the city in a state of pure grace and enchantment. Plan your trip to Brazil choosing a Religious Event of Ouro Preto that offers you a transcendental moment and to live the faith of brazilian. Here is a guide about the most important Religious Events for me and that I would like to share with you.

Festa do Reinado de Nossa Senhora do Rosário and Santa Efigênia

The calendar of religious events in Ouro Preto begins with one of the most beautiful religious festivals in the city. The celebration of devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary and Santa Efigênia both protector of the black people at that time. It is an African heritage a celebration is full of faith and reggae of joy, music and dance. In adition we celebrate the figure of Chico Rei Ouro Preto’s first abolicionist.

The king Chico Rei, an African Tribal king,  worked as the foreman of the slave miners. Working Sundays and holidays, he finally bought his freedom from the slave master, then freed his son Osmar. Together, father and son liberated the entire tribe. The story of the brave slave Chico Rei was transmitted by oral tradition among the people of Minas Gerais. Her legacy began to be celebrated on the date of Our Lady of the Rosary with the rites of her people and has remained over the years.

Colored ribbons, white clothes, flags, reisados and processions take care of the slopes of Ouro Preto. The Guards of Congo meet, perform and celebrate with their African drums and rhythms. The songs and religious rituals of the Congado praised the Catholic saints also showing where they came from, the particularity and diversity of each group still exists in Minas Gerais.

Semana Santa (Holy Week)

Ouro Preto recalls the Passion of Jesus Christ and revives the deepest Christian tradition. On the historical slopes, the passion, death and resurrection of Christ is celebrated in a mixture of art and faith.

The processions, the Masses held in the secular churches of Ouro Preto, the Latin songs, the liturgical staging such as the foot washing ceremony and the staging of the crucifixion of Christ are the hallmarks of the Holy Week celebrations in the city. 

On Saturday night of Hallelujah to the dawn of Easter Sunday, we and visitors go mobilized to make the traditional devotional carpets that adorn the street for the passage of the procession of resurrection and give shape to the drawings that symbolize the joy of Easter.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi, a Catholic feast celebrating the body and blood of Jesus Christ, is one of the traditional celebrations of the calendar of religious events in Ouro Preto. Held always 60 days after Easter, this year the celebrations of Corpus Christi. 

Like as at Holy Week, devotional rugs come back to enchant and enchant Ouro Preto. In the dawn of Corpus Christi, the city’s residents gather to decorate the streets through which the procession passes. In this task, many visitors also strive to shape the carpets, which over time have become a collective artisan expression, immaterial heritage of Ouro Preto.

Festa de Santa Cruz

And more, in May Ouro Preto we celebrate Festa of Santa Cruz. This Celebration is also known as “Peanut Festival”, is one of the oldest popular traditions of Ouro Preto. Held since 1975, it symbolizes the devotion of the old natives community to the Holy Cross.

The festivities take place in the traditional Antônio Dias neighborhood. The party begins with the Prayer at the foot of the cross, installed and decorated by the residents on the bridge of Largo Marília de Dirceu. One of the most beautiful rites of the celebration is the procession of the flag of Santa Cruz accompanied by the convoy procession of the Guarda de Moçambique of Our Lady of the Rosary and Santa Efigênia to the Largo, where the flag is erected.

Ornate crosses with colored paper and flowers are placed on the doors of the houses, bridges and cruises of the city. By popular beliefs, they protect the house agaisnt all evil spirits.

Religious Calender of Ouro Preto


  1. Festa do Reinado de Nossa Senhora do Rosário e Santa Efigênia – Igreja de Santa Efigênia.

  2. Festa de São Sebastião –  Morro São Sebastião.


  1. Festa de N. Sra, de Lourdes –  Bairro Bauxita.


  1. Semana Santa.

  2. Festa de São José –  Paróquia de Nossa Senhora do Pilar.


  1. Festa da Misericórdia – Bairro Santa Cruz.


  1. Festa de Santa Cruz – Bairro Antônio Dias.

  2. Festa de São Francisco de Paula.


  1. Festa de Santo Antônio – distritos de Ouro Preto.

  2. Festa de São João e São Pedro –  Morro São João.


  1. Festa de Nossa Senhora do Carmo.

  2. Festa de São Cristóvão.


  1. Festa de São Roque – Igreja de São Francisco de Assis.

  2. Dia da Padroeira de Ouro Preto – Nossa Senhora do Pilar.

  3. Festa de São Roque.


  1. Festa de Nosso Senhor do Bom Jesus.

  2. Festa de Santa Efigênia.

  3. Jubileu Senhor Bom Jesus de Matosinhos.

  4. Festa de Nossa Senhora das Mercês e Misericórdia.

  5. Festa de N. Sra. das Mercês e Perdões.

  6. Festa de São Miguel Arcanjo – Bairro Saramenha.

  7. N. Sra. da Piedade – Bairro Piedade.


  1. Festa de São Francisco de Assis, Ordem Terceira Franciscana.

  2. Festa de Nossa Senhora Aparecida.

  3. Festa de Nossa Senhora do Rosário.


  1. Festa de Cristo Rei – Saramenha.


  1. Jubileu de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, Paróquia N. Sra. da Conceição.

  2. Encontro de Folias de Reis e Pastorinhas.

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