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Walking Tour in Belo Horizonte

Marvellous moments you’ll experience on a travel around the Southeast in Brazil visiting Belo Horizonte. The capital State Minas Gerais is a city in tune with the globalized world and offers you a epitome of Brazil. Here are some walking tours suggestions for Individual and small groups travelers in Belo Horizonte. Cool sights and places from the traditional to the high-tech in Belo Horizonte!

The city was designed and built to replace colonial Ouro Preto as the new State Capital in 1897. Its archtecture is charming and ecletic, with styles reanging from Neo-Classic to the Cotemporary. Not to mention the notewoy samples of Oscar Niemeyer’s Modernist buildings erected prior to Brasília.

Think about, to discover cool sights and places walking in Belo Horizonte. If you need a nice Brazilian company I’d love to walk with you!

This is a walking tour full of History, Art, Archtecture, Culture and a cup of coffee and cheese bread! Relevant for the Brazilian Republic History and spite of its tender age, Belo Horizonte boats significant culture heritage adn several leisure options. The State capital is one of the most densely vegetated of the country. The city offers 79 parks, 790 squares and green areas.

It is a lively city with the traditional places for entertainment at the best Minas Gerais style and also quiet contemplation. Sites visited: Praça da Liberdade, Rua da Bahia, Praça Sete e Praça da Estação. I suggest to start the tour at 2 pm to contemplate the Urban Art under a sunset and to finish with a fruit juice or if you prefer a delicious caipirinha at the My Corazon Bar!

In case you prefer to costumize your tour take a look on PERSONALIZED TOUR or you need any other incoming service recomendation: Transfer in-out from/to Airport Belo Horizonte/Ouro Preto during your travel in Minas Gerais, please contact me!

​So plan your trip to Brazil, come to Minas Gerais and choose one, two ou more tours and come with me!

My recomendation is to get lost in the narrow aisles of Mercado Central can be quite sensational. It gathers over 400 stories selling exotic fruit, cheese, sweetes, cachaça, liqueurs, handcraft, medicinal herbs and roots. Esperience the ‘kind of relax’ atmosphere at the bars. You have to GO to understand what I mean! Another nice tipp is to have lunch there. Taste the “Bife com jiló”. One of the favorite Minas Gerais food… It is meat with and exotic vegetable.

I call it our ‘Central Park’.

In the heart of Belo Horizonte, on the shores of Andradas and Afonso Pena avenues, is the Américo Renné Giannetti Municipal Park, which celebrates this year its 122 years. The park, which is the oldest environmental heritage of the city, belongs to the creation of the capital of Minas Gerais.

More caipirinha at the Bar da Esquina

Caipirinha and live music!

There is no sea here, so let’s meet at the bar and cheer’ is every belo-horizontino’s motto. The city’s bar per capita ratio is the highest in Brazil. The botecos similar to the Spanish bodegas are greatly appreciated.

Bar da Esquina is where I usualy GO. I love it because still holds the old style since 1959 and also known as the stronghold of good root and chorinho samba music, Bar da Esquina keeps today the following live music agenda: on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays the music is always at night, and on Sundays at lunch time. My recommendation is: Ask for a PORÇÃO DE PICANHA, it is meat small cutted served.

More tipps for your trip to Brazil

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