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Tips for a safe walking tour in Ouro Preto

It’s time for fun with Sueli Tour Guide! And to help you to have a safe walking tour in Ouro Preto I’ve prepared this post with tips for our tour. Know what kind of shoes, clothes and rules of good conduct in the urban and natural area. And children, oh children will learn to take care of our cultural heritage!

Ouro Preto Unesco World Heritage holds the history of the Gold Rush of the 18th century. The city has 13 museums! More than 20 churches and chapels. In addition two natural parks. So we need to take care of the city and walking, as much as possible, will help a lot in this task.

Here are some tips to keep our walking tour in Ouro Preto so far so safe and enjoyable! If I’ve forgotten anything, help me to complete this list. Please!

Wearing rubber soles shoes

Streets of Ouro Preto and Mariana are paved with cobblestones and are usually very slippery. So I suggest to wear very comfortable and  recommended rubber soles shoes. Thus, the grip on the climbs and descents will be guaranteed. Avoid white shoes or you will get pigeon’s foot! Do not you know what pigeon’s foot means? This is a local expression because of the reddish coloration of iron ore that can lint the white footwear.

Wear very comfortable clothes. Here also I suggest avoiding the white clothes for those who choose to visit a gold mine. For more tips, read the posts: 5 tips to help you package your luggage and know what to use at the right time of every season in Minas Gerais.

Always have a bottle of water

If you do not want to carry it, always remind me to stop to buy water. and more, aA break for a coffee with a cheese bread, a water is always welcome! We will also have many technical stops to breathe after the up and down, especially after those very steep slopes …

Public toilets

Along our walking tour in Ouro Preto we will stop for the technical visit. There are some toilets at the Praça Tiradentes in the Cultural Center FIEMG. An ideal option for before and after a walking tour with Sueli Tour Guide.

No sitting on the monuments!

I know we love to take selfie here, one there, but avoid sitting on a wall or in any place that does not have benches. If something of the local patrimony is damaged, the fine can cost a lot and for the other visitors can lack the admiration of beauty that was there.

Did you know you can take pictures in the churches?

You can take pictures but without Flash and only with your cell phone. Reminding you about the payment of the tickets, it is made only in cash! 

Hiking in the parks

For nature walks in Ouro Preto I recommend taking at least two 500 ml bottles of water and fruits. And do not forget the garbage bag to keep everything very clean and beautiful! Bring your vaccination card against Dengue and Malaria. If you do not have this with you, please sign the immunity agreement at the reception of the park. We will leave all the fauna and flora tranquil without removing a flower so that the other visitor is as happy as we are! Preserving the heritage and local nature and so your walking tour in Ouro Preto will be enjoyalble!

And so the idea is to enjoy all this very much and let everything nice and beautiful for other visitors.

Thank you for understanding and until the day of our meeting! To facilitate our contact, send me a Hello on Whats App!

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